Are you a victim of terrorism?

We are here to help you, to guide you through the procedures, but above all to provide you with support.

Are you a civil party in the March 22 trial?

We can help you

V-Europe has set up a website dedicated to the trial. You will find there the calendar, the latest news, the possibility to defend yourself and to ask your questions.

V-Europe in a nutshell

A local action

  • V-Europe was the first entity recognised by the Belgian authorities (on 11 December 2019) to support victims of terrorism at the Financial Aid Commission. This recognition was granted because V-Europe helps legally recognised victims of terrorism, because V-Europe has the expertise and experience in helping victims, and because V-Europe helps all victims equally.

  • V-Europe highlighted the shortcomings of the state in supporting victims of terrorism. The Ministry of Justice has decided to support V-Europe with the coordinators' programme. These coordinators provide assistance to any victim of terrorism who requests it, with the aim of providing personalised support, both emotional and administrative. Do not hesitate to contact them.

And a global action                 

  • V-Europe has built partnerships with other recognised associations reconnues that provide professional help to victims of terrorism around the world. In addition to exchanging expertise and support, these partnerships allow victims to participate in actions that can support them. For example, V-Europe sends young Belgians to France and the United States for reconstruction and resilience building projects. 

  • V-Europe is the only representative of victims of terrorism on the Executive Committee of the European Commission's European Centre of Expertise for Victims of Terrorism (EUCVT, DG Home). This centre aims to offer expertise and support to Member States and associations supporting victims of terrorism. It also allows for a simpler exchange of expertise and good practice between Member States. The Centre has created a European Support Manual for Victims of Terrorism and is developing an ongoing European List of Experts who can assist victims of terrorism across the European Union. It also organises training for experts and ensures an exchange at European level so that harmonisation can be developed between Member States for the support of victims of terrorism but also better support for "cross border victims" (victims of terrorism residing in another country where the attack took place).

  • V-Europe is a member of the European Commission's European Victims' Rights Platform (DG Justice) and represents victims of terrorism on this platform.

For a positive impact on all victims                 

V-Europe, which was founded in 2016 and obtained its legal status as an aisbl on 19 January 2017, currently has around 300 members, but supports all victims of terrorism recognised by the Belgian authorities. It is not compulsory to be a member to receive support from V-Europe. Any help V-Europe offers to victims of terrorism is free of charge and does not impose any obligations on victims of terrorism.

V-Europe focuses mainly on victims of terrorist attacks on Belgian soil (including non-Belgian citizens), as well as on all Belgian victims of attacks abroad. V-Europe also has foreign members who are not victims of attacks in Belgium.

Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us !

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To continue our work we need your help.

V-Europe is mainly operated thanks to voluntary work  of our founders and victimes.

What do we do ?

Valeurs fondamentales

  • Centrés sur les victimes
  • Autonomiser les victimes
  • Non-discrimination

Principes de conduites

  • Indépendance et autonomie
  • Transparence
  • Représentation
  • Responsabilité
  • Confidentialité
  • Coopération


  • Garantir le droit des victimes
  • Promouvoir le droit des victimes

They do support us:

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Would you like to become a member?

We reach out to all the victims of terrorism, their relatives and first responders.

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  1. Fournir de l'information et du soutien

  2. Plaider pour des droits forts et services efficaces

  3. Sensibilisation et éducation

  4. Entrer en lien avec d'autres parties prenantes

  5. Renforcer la capacité structurelle de l'association 

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Nos réalisations

  1. Fournir des informations précises et à jour à nos membres sur des sujets variés

  2. Organisation d’activités d’information et de soutien par les pairs

  3. Des événements sociaux pour les membres

  4. Identification des besoins des membres suivis d'actions concrètes

  5. Organisation des commémorations

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Qui représentons-nous ?

V-Europe représente la voix et les intérêts des victimes du terrorisme en Belgique, ainsi que des ressortissants belges victimes d’attaques terroristes perpétrées à l’étranger.

Nos membres sont actuellement composés de plus de 250 victimes enregistrées d’attaques terroristes.